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Sant'Angelo di Brolo

Saint Mary’s Church
Definited by the historian Vito Amico as “the first and the most ancient and interesting for its sumptuosity that is not vulgar and of elegant costruction”. Inside there can be admired a lot of sculptures and paintings.

Saint Francesco of Assisi convent
Its cloister, with archs and columns and wood carving of Christ (1644) by Brother Innocenzo of Petralia.


Interesting historical village ,on the top raises the Castell of Lancia surrounded by an ancient village.


Ancient village possesed by the Duca’s Denti family. To be visited the viewpoint called “Guardiola” admiring an unforgettable panoramic view of the Eolian Islands and the turquoise golf from Cefalu' till Milazzo.

Capo d'Orlando

Small town very lively with heterogeneous shopping. Rich of beaches and a small harbour in phase of extension.

Parco dei Nebrodi

The green lungs of Sicily. Forest, lawns and torrents populated by wild animals. Ideal for trekking and picnics.Recommended for lovers of nature and rural life.An excursion to be done: visit of the lake del Biviere.


Almost a journey backward in time, the itinerary that we propose starts from modern Patti and winds first among the ninenteenth century districts and then in the meanders of the medieval area,on up to the Cathedral and the San Michele gate,one of five in the boundary wall of the ancient town. From there it goes down to Patti Marina, where there is the Roman Villa and lastly, it goes up to Tindary, where amid myth and history, the story of the town began.


The visitor will discover one of the most interesting natural scenery of Sicily.
To be visited the ancient city, the greek theatre and the antiquarium which custodes interesting finds. To make excursions at the lakes between the dunes of white sand. It is possible to get there through Marinello’s beach.

Green Lake of Marinello

Green Lake of Marinello

Eolian Islands

You can arrive from Capo d’Orlando or from Milazzo harbour. The Eolian Islands called “7 pearls” of Tirreno seas, are one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterrean.

Eolian Islands

Very clean water in the ancient extinct crater of Pollara’s bay of Salina’s island.

Eolian Islands

Foreshortening of Panarea.

Eolian Islands

Delightful view of Quattrocchi in Lipari’s island.


From Lisycon it is possible to get there going through the Nebrodi’s Park passing along forest and tracks of rare beauty. Unforgetable walk till the tops of the craters.


Nocturnal eruption.

Alcantara Valley

River of cristaline waters, flows between walls of basalt, provinient from the Etna’s snowflakes, flowing to the sea.

Alcara Li fusi

Small mediaeval village, famous for the hand craft making decorated carpets.

Lauro's Grotto in Alcara Li fusi