Carni 'nfurnata (Baked meat): cooked in wood oven and lay on clay tiles to facilitate the elimination of the fat.

Cutugnata (Quince jam): made of quince, sugar and spice. After cooking pour into many shapes and forms of ceramic mouldings.
Lisycon Pizza: baked in wood oven of the Casale decorated with mushrooms, egg–plants, cheese and fresh tomatoes.

Kiwi coltivated in Casale di Lisycon

Avogatoes and Cachi of the Casale
Wood berries
Salame and baked chest nuts

Salame di Sant'Angelo

Cheese of the Casale: obtain from cow , sheep milk.

Frittuli 'i maiali

Typical country man dish: Boiled pig skin with slices of orange.

Mushrooms: It can be a fortune staying in Lisycon after the autumn rain to be able to step up on some "Boletus edulis", "Amanita Caesarea" and many other eatable mushrooms.

Maccaruna (home made pasta). Ingredients: Bran wheat flour, water, salt and the help of the rust to give the shapes of the macaroni..
Home made bred in wood oven.
"Carni 'i crastu", succulent and aromatic grilled castrated lamb.